Saturday, February 4, 2012

Weight loss Drama?

Hey girls, how many of you have gone through the weight loss drama? The gymming, the dieting, the sugar ban, the caffeine ban, the juice diet, the gm diet, the soup diet, the yoga, the pilates and god knows what else.... how many websites or books have you tried to read? What happens when none of that works? When your resolve crumbles bit by bit,everyday.... How do you keep yourselves motivated?


  1. The only weight control measure I take is to cut down on fries-and stop eating chocolates-which never happens :D :D So when I see these not working-I just tell myself-I am fine the way I am :) and pop one more choc in my mouth :D :D

  2. telling myself every sunday that "tomorrow is a new beginning ;)
    lets try again..."

    quiting unhealthy food is easy.
    eating right food at the right time is a bit difficult.

    and about exercise... thats very difficult!

  3. simple home made food three main meals
    do cup chai with digestive biscuits
    and do read the books by rujuta divekar
    just by eating on time i lost 5 kg in two months
    i havent started any extra efforts yet
    but 25 minute workout with any cd really wud help