Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Prunella ends the Purple woes

None of us are strangers to Colorbar I-Glide pencils....

From colorbarcosmetics.com

If an I-Glide popularity poll was to be conducted, Prunella would feature right at the top! Few pencil liners boast of a vibrant purple as prunella. It is a fantastic jewel toned purple that showed up beautifully on my dark lids. I first noticed this colour when Tanveer of ATB swatched it in her Purple liners comparison post. Have you read it? No, then please click on the post link above and have a dekko. She has some fabulous purples! The shade are all pretty but when I saw then Prunella stood out. N, it actually called out to me. Till that point, I had never even thought of a purple liner. I had black, brown, blue and a green that looked horrible on me. Thats all the colors I would need. Oh, the naivety of noviceness! Anyway, since then I have been to the colorbar counter often and it was always out of stock. I tried other purple liners but none seemed good enough. It had to be prunella.

Yesterday, I finally got it and my purple liner quest has come to an end. Now, to find another quest..... :)

My camera is out of action and hence no actual swatch of the product. But then, you've all seen it. Right? 

Monday, September 12, 2011

Random Ramblings and MACness

I am drawn to black these days. Black the colour. Specially when it comes to clothes. I realised that 4 of the 8 tops I took on a recent trip were black. And then I picked out a new black shirt. All without realizing it. Maybe I am going thru the fat girl syndrome. I just made that up. I am not aware of such a syndrome actually exists. So yes, I  acutely aware of all the unfitting clothes in my closet and dressing up every morning throws me into five minutes of depression. Just give minutes? Yeah, that's all I have time for. My day flies and every night I have the feeling of having spent hours and not achieved anything. There is so much I want to do, there is so little I manage. Can you believe the frustration? 

Anyway, on the plus side, I bought some gorgeous stuff! Mac studio fix powder foundation in NC41. I know now why it was called a must have on beauty blogs. It gives such a flawless finish!! My Singapore pics show such fresh skin when the bare skin was anything but. It was dull and patchy. Thanks to the lovely MUA Gayathri at Koramangla in Bangalore who picked this out for me. My only grouse is that it oxidised on me after about an hour in the sun. All foundations do that on me. I expected this one not to. And she sold me fix+. I am so glad she did. I love the dewiness it imparts. 

The other thing that was not on my agenda was a lip pencil. My fist mac eye product was Siahi. The first lip peoduct was going to be Cosmo. I had never in my wild dreams imagined I would pick a lip pencil. But makeup Gods had other plans for me. And I am so glad they did. I love love love the pencil in Spice. Near perfect match for my lips and can be worn under the sheerest of lippies without any worry. It's beautiful on it's own or topped with a gloss / balm. And so hydrating! 

Then, I went on this big trip and picked Twig and Cosmo at the airport duty free. I got them for 800 bucks! That's why I got two. Yipeedoo!!!