Tuesday, June 28, 2011

MAC Blogger's Obsession

Back in the day when I started blogging with the alter ego, (Dec 2004) blogging was just for fun. Over the years, bloggers have become a force to reckon with.... I would rather read a blog for some honest opinion than a newspaper! It came as no surprise then, that MAC has launched a new collection called Blogger's Obsession

Source: www.maccosmetics.com

What MAC says about the collection
No one <3's M∙A∙C more than a Beauty Blogger. To thank Amber Katz, Lesley Ellen Mirza, Lianne Farbes, Wendy Lam, Christine Mielke, Patrice Grell Yursik, Lily Nima, Karen Monterichard & Aileen De Los Angeles for their passionate devotion & always honest feedback, we invited them to our lab to custom create their own Eye Shadow or Lipglass. Exclusively online, just like the makeup-mad minds that invented them.

The collection has four eye shadows and five Lipglasses, all conceptualised by bloggers! With names like Sonoran Rain, Nitrolicious and Jealousy Wakes... the products are only available thru the website. A fitting tribute to the online world. I'd say :) Did I say are available? Scratch that. Three out of the nine products are already sold out. So, if you want to grab them... you better act soon...

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Lust List

Thanks to all the beauty bloggers around, I have a makeup lust list. I am a drugstore brand junkie and the luxury products are bought only at special occasions. So, I doubt I will ever reach the end of this one...

  1. MAC Cosmo Lipstick - Such a lovely colour. This will go well with all sorts of looks. I am pretty sure this will be my first MAC lipstick :)
  2. MAC Sunbasque Blush - I have been in love with this ever since I saw Farha rock this in the festive looks she wore for her BIL's wedding. You can see them here. Speaking of Farha, where has she disappeared?
  3. NARS Orgasm Blush - Do I need to give a reason why I want this? :) Absolutely gorgeous, cult favorite. Whats not to love?
  4. Sigma Make Me Blush Brush Kit - Sigma brushes are great... aren't they? And when they come in this super cute color, who wouldn't lust after them?
  5. Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner - I fell in love with gel liners when I used MAC Siahi. Bobbi Brown liners are supposedly better. And they come in 14 shades! Fourteen... our Indian marketeers think all we want is black!
  6. Colorbar i-glide in Prunella - Are you surprised to see a drugstore product amongst all luxury ones? Well, this one has been out of stock whenever I have visited a colorbar counter. Hence, it makes the list. I have yet to find my HG purple liner.
  7. Benefit High Beam - Rashmi deserves the credit for introducing me to this and making me read more about this. The more I read, the more I loved!
  8. Benefit Bella Bamba Blush - Its pink, its packaged like a disco ball and it brightens up every complexion... great buy?
This is just part one... watch out for part deux!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Luxebox in India?

How is that for an idea? Those of you who have not heard of luxe box, you can check out their website here.

I was wondering if such a service was available in India, what would it be like? I'd love for brands like Makari and Fabindia and Khadi to participate in it. Even Clinique, Lancome and Illamasqua that are not easily accessible to us in India ( I don't mean the metros here). But what if the Indian Luxe-box turns out to be full of Lakme, Lotus and Maybelline? Would we like it?

If the luxe-box was all Indian brands Vs a mish mash of the phoren ones, would the ladies be excited with it? Personally, I wouldn't mind either....The idea of a surprise pckage excites me, even if I have to pay a bit. The box costs 12 dollars a month including shipping. Thats approx 550 rupees. I don't think the beauty blogger junta would mind it. Not only does it allow us to test great products, it provides for so much discussion! And for a sample starved country like ours, this could be an instant hit... what do you think? Would you like a luxe box?

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cali's Oriflame Giveaway

While on giveaways, don't forget to check out Cali's Oriflame one at Beauty Diaries

Ik's Sigma Giveaway

Hi girls, Ikku is holding a Sigma brushes giveaway... head over to Makeup Monologues and check it out...

ULTA Lip Gloss Swatches

Hey there... I revisited my old makeup stash and found these beauties....

These fabulous ULTA lipglosses are part of my huge makeup kit... i love the cute packaging and the longevity of these babies. They are very pigemented and stay on for ages. I wore Mischief to work today and toched up after 5 hours. That too because of a meal. It was absolutely fine before lunch!

Oh, sorry I forgot to introduce Mischief to you -

ULTA lipgloss in Mischief

And presenting its twin, Ribbon Red -
ULTA Lipgloss in Ribbon Red

The swatches

The first one is with flash and the second is without. Aren't they pretty? You can read my detailed review here.

I wish Sephora, Nyx and ULTA would come to India soon!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Lip Balm Love

Hi girls, if you were to ask me about my favourite beauty products, I would have to say lip products. I am equally fond f lipsticks, glosses and balms and alternate between the 3 depending on my mood. Lipbalms are a more recent love so they deserve a little more attention than others. Don't you think?

Whatever anybody may tell you, there is NO such thing as lip balm addiction.

I have tried, vaseline, dermalogica, bvlgari, jovees and himalya before I found my HG balm. The Nivea Starshine series. Anyone who has used these will love them without arguement. They are non waxy, shiny, impart a lovely tint and have a yummy flavour. You don't need to use anything with them and they are my go to products in absolute tearing hurry (which is often!) The only drawback is that they can not be used as is it underneath a lipstick. The gloss and tint do not let the lipstick sit well or show its true colour. They may not moisturise as well as some other balms out there, but with something as cute as this, you don't mind reapplying every now and then. Do you?

Pictured above are the Pink Guava (l), Dragonfruit (r) and Pomegranate (bottom) variants. I also have the strawberry one. Pomegranate has the most vibrant colour but smells like something else altogether and I am not very fond of the maroonish tint. Dragonfruit is a gorgeous bright pink that is my absolute favourite. Pink Guava is a nude pink; the MLBB shade and Strawberry smells like real fresh strawberries. It is a light red that is very wearable.

Here are the swatches. Pomegranate (top), Pink Guava (l) and Dragonfruit (r) -

All in all, I love these and will collect all the shades they launch in future as well. The only lip balms I feel like trying now are eos (the egg balm) and burt's bees. The rest of lipbalm love goes to Nivea and Nivea alone...

What are your favorite balms?