Saturday, March 31, 2012

My MAC Temptation List

hi girls,

I went over to the only MAC outlet in Kolkata last weekend and was so freaking overwhelmed that I did not even remember the shades I wanted to check out. Didn't help that the SA wasn't warm. In fact, she seemed totally stressed about something! Maybe she was just having a bad day...

So, I decided to make a list of all the MAC goodies I wanna try out.

Foundation: I am NC40 and totally love my Studio Fix powder. But I do feel the need to have a liquid foundation on hand sometimes. Since I have burned my hands with all foundations but MAC, I want all my foundations from MAC only. Oh and before you think I am the dumbest beauty blogger who forgot this, lemme tell you that I am tanned so bad that I cannot even think of buying a foundation at this moment

Lipstick in Mocha: Ever since I saw Rati sport it in this post, I love this shade. Though lord knows I do not need another Brown / Nude in my stash! But look at the colour peeps, how could you not love it?
MAC Mocha Lipstick
MAC Mocha Swatch

Lipstick in Amorous: I love this shade because it sits in that perfect place between nude and bold. Its bright, but not too much. I saw this at Rashmi's blog and it was an instant love! I did swatch this at the store though and found it a tad dull for the coming summer months. What do you girls think?

MAC Amorous Lipstick
MAC Amorous Swatch

Lipstick in Craving: Zara totally deserves the credit for this! I swatched it in the store and it looked amazing :) The only reason I didn't pick it up was because I knew I was forgetting some shades. I later remembered Mocha :p

MAC Craving Lipstick
MAC Craving Swatches
Eyeshadow in Expensive Pink: Given that I wear eye shadow only on special occasions, this is a lovely shade for me. I think it will go with any Indian attire and I can simply use it as a wash over the lid and use a coloured liner to finish off! Again, I need to thank Rati for this gem. This was out of stock :(
MAC Expensive Pink Eyeshadow

MAC Lip Erase: A wonder product that erases the pigmentation and allows the real colour of the lippie to show thru? Sounds like the answer to my prayers!!

By now, all you guys must know I am a lippie gal.... I prefer my base to be of sound quality and long lasting. For colours, I quite like the drugstore products. But these lippies made to the list because they are quite unique (IMHO). I'd love to have these in my stash :)

So what makes to your MAC Lust List?

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Beauty Tip - Tightlining

Hey girls,

Am trying to get my blogging mojo back so bear the nonsensical posts for a while. Yeah, I am talking to my maybe ten loyal readers out there!!! :)

I love the effect of tightlining on my eyes but am terrified of doing it. A klutz like myself will end up poking her eye all the time. Not to mention the fact that pulling up the lid will cause sagging. So, I cheat!

To tightline, I line my lower lashline heavily and shut my eyes immediately. I blink a few times till the kohl transfers to the upper lashline and repeat this process a few times. Voila, tightlined eyes :)

What are your beauty cheats?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Lipgloss or Lipstick?

Lipglosses may be my flings, but Lipsticks will remain my true love forever!

Image Source:

Realised this after spending lotsa bucks on Maybelline Colorsensational gloss in Hooked on Pink (Yes, I have the lipstick too. No, I haven't tried the combo)


and Lakme Absolute gloss in Candy Shine, Elle 18 gloss in Melon Flame,

Image Source:

Lotus Seduction gloss in Lychee Sqaush (gave it away) and an Incolour Gloss.  Most of my glosses are unused. I had bought 4 tubes 4 years ago for my wedding. Gave them all away. Now, I am on a mission to finish up my glosses. So far, have only managed the Elle 18 one. Wish me luck!

Are you a lipstick girl? Or a Lipgloss Girl?

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Glossybox Giveaway Winner

Heya Girls,

With my vacation in Goa which left me quite tanned and the deadlines at work, I haven't been able to blog much lately. I have even missed out on reading my staple! But things will continue to be crazy for some more time I expect...

Anyway, this announcement was due in the first week of March. Sadly, the enthusiasm went down due to the withdrawal of glossybox and them gifting vouchers instead. I wish they'd come back soon and we do have another beautybox in the Indian market.

Anywhoo, so I did this a few days back and informed them about the winner. Its time to tell you guys too :)

So you can see that I had 6 entries. A big thanks to all of you who participated. And Random Org picked....

And so the winner is Suma's Mom! Congrats to both of them :)