Sunday, December 18, 2011

DIY: Lipbalm makeover

Hi ladies, I purchased a jovees lipbalm sometime last year and while I liked its hydration, I hated the smell and the fact that it was not tinted. You can read the detailed review here

This one was relegated to a dark dark corner of my almirah and did not see the light of the day till I came across an article on Anamika’s blog  about how to make a lip balm at home. She has used petroleum jelly as her base. I thought why not improvise? I have a useless balm that will most likely be thrown away. Why not see if it can be salvaged? I whipped out my balm and added a spoonful of cocoa powder and a spoonful of honey to it and mixed well. Unlike Ananmika, I have not microwaved or heated it.

Wanna see the transformation???



So Now I have a lovely smelling chocolatey sweet honey flavoured balm that I have to struggle not to lick!!! I love applying this and reach out for it as soon as I have washed my face in the morning or anytime of the day for that matter! I use it at night and wake up to soft smooth lips!!!! 

Adding honey to the balm results in such a shiny glossy finish that I can easily use this as a lipgloss too! I have worn it under lipsticks for great moisturizing effect and over lipstick for a glossy sheen. It works well both ways. It also works well as a lip prep balm. I applied it for 15 mins before wiping it and wearing lipstick. It did a good job then too.

Do you do any makeup makeovers?


  1. Chocolatey sweet honey flavored lipbalm,,, looks/sounds so nice :)

  2. sounds great!!! The transformation is really surprising!!

  3. three words...
    yum yum and yum :D

  4. @ Rakshanda, thanks

    @ Divya, ha ha... it is yum indeed

    @ Emm, unfortunately, it is not :(