Monday, December 26, 2011

A Big Thank You and Awards

I was on a blogging break over the Christmas weekend and realised that I have had not one, not two but FOUR lovely ladies nominate me for an award! Also, I crossed 60 followers! I know ppl shout out at 50 or 100, but I am just weird that way :D

So, I got the Versatile Blogger Award this week and let me tell you about the fab four who gave it to me:

Deepika from Divassence
The first thing I loved about her was the stylish party goer at her banner. The second was the fact she made chocolates! Reading her posts, I love the clarity and simplicity of the content. Head over at Divassence for a host of product reviews and NOTDs

Jyoti from Everything That Matters
She is a gorgeous girl who writes from the heart. Her LOTDs are great and versatile. If you don't believe me, check out the One Look Two Ways post where she takes the same basic look and makes it work for Indian as well as a Western outfit! She is super talented, I tell you...

Sukanya from Few Unnecessary Stuff
Beautiful is the only word for her. Sukanya has an amazing porcelain skin and a great warm disposition. Her blog has tons of product reviews with the odd food recipe thrown in (Aloo Posto!) She does a lot of skincare reviews and if you are into that, her blog is the place to be

Parul from About Lipsticks and Blushes
New mommy Parul is a woman after my own heart. Reads fantasy fiction, Likes cosmetics and is passing on the love of all things pretty to her daughter. We are peas that sprung from the same pod girl! You'll find such variety at her blog its amazing... from the mid-range Bourjois to the economical Miss Claire... she has it all and loves them equally.

And now for the award....

Thank you lovelies....

Now this award is meant to spread love in blogsville and so I need to do a few things:
  1. Thanks the person who nominated me and give them a shout out (Hola!)
  2. Pass on the award to 15 bloggers
  3. State 7 Random facts about your self

Ok, lets start with the other two things. Shall we?

Random Facts

  1. I am a chocoholic. I love them chocolates, the bitter, the better... 
  2. I am a Mumbai girl who got married in Delhi and is now living in Kolkata. I'll just add Chennai to the mix somehow and be the Metro girl!
  3. I have been blogging since 2004! My alter ego blogs sporadically, but that blog has been my voice board for 7 years now. I fact, I started writing it in December 2004 so am approaching the seventh anniversary. Needless to say, I love to write.
  4.  I care too much about hurting others with what I say or do. So, I avoid confrontations to point of being recluse.
  5. I am a word game junkie! Text Twist, Scrabble, Jumle words, word search... I love them all...
  6. I love J.K. Rowling. Woman, you are my inspiration!
  7. I used to be a prissy miss goody two shoes till college. Then, I got off my high horse and became quite chilled out.
Hmm, that was fun... bet you guys said, "We didn't need to know that" at least once in these seven lines!

Now for the Nominations:
  1. Anuradha from Golden Sequins for her truly versatile blog that covers looks, products, skin care and bit of fashion!
  2. Namita from Vivacious Flair for her great pics and equally good product reviews
  3. Mehak from Peaches and Blush for her inspiring posts. I just love her passion for blogging! She is blogging on Temptalia now and yet remains so down to earth...
  4. Suma from I Simply Love Makeup for her awesome LOTDs. The way she does her eyes makes you wanna wish you had monolids!
  5. Kiran for being the EPIC ICON she is. I adore this woman for her spunk, independence, fashion and liberated views
  6. Anindita from Make u up for all her lipstick reviews
  7. Taps from Beauty Through My Eyes for her FB initiative of bringing bloggers together :)
  8. Eesha from Makeup by Eesha for her great LOTDs
  9. Radhika from My Weekend Ramblings for that humor. And those pics. And the Skincare Tips. And the Bags. And the Chanel. Oh you get the drift. Don't you?
  10. Ikya from Makeup Monologues for being one of the sweetest bloggers around
  11. Ankita from Corallista Makeup Blog for pulling me out of the neutral rut when I needed it most
  12. Kimi from Beauty Diaries for being the miss congeniality of blogsville
  13. Beeni from Beauty and Everything Else for her reviews, LOTDs and sweetness
  14. Nidhi from My Beauty World for her awesome eye makeup looks 
  15. Kejal from Nail Art and Things for the gorgeous awe inspiring nail art
I wish I had more than 15 to give out.... :)

Also a shout out to the super stars of Indian beauty blogging scene....Rati, Anamika, Rashmi, Cynthia, Deeptima... :) You guys are the best and have caused the beauty blogging scene to erupt... kudos!


  1. Thanks a lot dear! Even I have been awrded this by 4 people in this week itself! :) following you! Congrts to you!

  2. Aww thsnks Namita !! Thank you so much!!!

  3. He he he he..soooper fun post and thankoooooooooooooo for the Award!! :* :*

  4. @ Kimi, thanks... you more than deserve it :)

  5. Congrats Novice :) and Congrats all who won this award :D Advance Happy New Year! :)

  6. @ Lancy, thanks and congrats to you too for the giveaway... :)

  7. Congos again!!! n thnx for the lovely lines :D we have so much similariry i tell u. Evn i love chocies...the bitter the better :) n books n word games...was addicted to them for a real long time along with sudoku ;) n also ur fact no 4... So much so that i hurt myself in the process...
    See wht i mean. :)

  8. Hey Congrats and Thank u so much!! feels great to be appreciated!

  9. Thank you so much. Really appreciate. It is very special.

  10. Yippppeeeee dooooo thank u so much anks :) mmmuuuaAhhhhh :)

  11. Hey Congrats on crossing 60 followers! Wish you a few hundred more!!! Congrats again for the awards!!! It was nice to stop by!

  12. Congrats on the award and on crossing 60 followers! <3 and congrats to those who've received this award :)

  13. wowwieee thanks so much Ankii. :D
    also thanks a lot for introducing me to so many wonderful bloggers here :D
    will definitely check them out :d
    love you- huggs

  14. awww..thanks for such sweet words..I love JK Rowling, scrabble n well love chocolates too (well, who doesnt)..yay!!! I am so happy to have found such nice people here.

  15. Congratulations girl :) n thanks allot for the consideration :)

    Bless you :)

  16. congratulation anks.... i have nominated you for the same award

  17. @ all, thanks for all the love ladies.... *hugs*