Thursday, November 24, 2011

Simple Day Party Makeup

I had a small get together for my daughter's birthday back in September. We had a crazy time coz we were moving to a new city within two weeks. So my look, like the party was quite simple:

The blush is overdone on purpose for this picture! As always, this pic was taken after all the festivities were done :) A close up of the eye makeup. Klutzy old me is particularly proud of the fine straight line here :)

  • MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation in NC41
  • MAC Fix+ (I sprayed this on a powder brush and swirled it all over the powder foundation. The effect is similar to a liquid foundation)
  • Faces Mineral Blush in Pink Topaz
  • Maybelline Blush in Apricot Flush (my goto blush. Am so thankful to Mehak who recommended this on her blog)
  • Avon Glimmersticks in Jade Green on upper lashline and outer corner of lowerlashline
  • Lakme Black Satin kajal
  • Oriflame Visions Mascara
  • MAC Cosmo (It got its first wear here!)
 I was quite happy with my makeup that day. I think it was the birthday happiness that rubbed off on me...!


  1. you looks so pretty...
    vry natural look!!!

  2. Hey :) just subbed in to your blog..

    you have done your makeup very well..simple yet pretty.
    lovely blog :)

    god bless you :)

  3. @ Ani, thanks a lot....

    @ Sunaa, thanks girl... was trying to be as natural as possible....

    @ Namita, heyyy... welcome to my blog :) and thanks a bunch...