Monday, May 2, 2011

You are never too old to learn!

We have heard this quote over and over again. have we not? Although learning gets difficult as we grow older, we need to keep learning. Specially in beauty! New skincare ideas, new makeup trends... there is so much to learn! Is there not?

If you are dabbling with basic makeup, you need to start small. Get a hang of what suits you and what does not and then proceed with high end brands and experimental looks! Trust me, it is very very easy to go overboard and look garish! :(

I have found some excellent sources to learn about makeup and skincare.

YouTube is a gold mine of information. But it is also very easy to get lost here. The first time I searched for makeup videos, i was overwhelmed! Plowing through piles of videos led me to Michelle Phan. She is a gorgeous blogger whose videos will have you hooked. She is a professional MUA and her videos are shot very well. The best part is that she goes over the technique as well. You can clearly see her movements for blending, eye shadow aplication etc. Little tricks are embedded in her videos! And she is pretty too...
Kandee Johnson is another MUA I watch quite often.... I like her easy friendly style...
There are tons of them and I don't want this post to seem like an endorsement, so I'll stop here...!

There are tonnes of beauty blogs out there where you can pick up fantastic tips! My favorites are IMBB, Indya Beauty, Wise She, Indian Vanity Case and Peaches & Blush. There are so many more that I read and enjoy. But these are my daily must haves! :)

Makeover Games
These are fun and addictive! You can play with colours and products and see how a certain colour looks on you! Yup, they allow you to upload your pics and change everything from hair colour to eye colour. You can spend hours and hours here! I like this one from Daily Mokeover

And finally, you can learn all the theory you want... but you have to practice! Try the tricks when you have time at hand. I know, its difficult but you can't get perfect unless you get your hands dirty... Set out an hour every weekend where you practice. Eventually, you won't need that long... :)


  1. what a gift you gave me today Anks:)

    thank u so much for liking my blog..haan my fav is Kandee Jhonson..have u seen the video where she struggled so hard ..and now she takes care of her cupcake :):) i love her too:):)

    I take makeup as my hobby and keep practicing any thing and everything ..:D:D

  2. :) you do deserve it girl! i haven't seen that video... looks like i missed it... wud you have a link?

  3. Hey, welcome to the blogworld!! Even I have learnt a lot from these blogs, infact the spending on make-up has also gone up :)But I know I will never be able to make-up like them!!

    Do visit my blog sometime..The latest posts are all about the royal wedding, but have some 'original' stuff as well ;)

  4. Hey Debleena... thanks... :) i am not exactly new to the blog world... lol... i think i have been blogging for about 6 and a half years now... :) my main blog is

    i wanted to keep beauty blogging seperate from that persona... it is way to linked to my online life...! God, i sound like a lunatic here...

    thanks again, that was a very sweet welcome indeed... i do follow ur blog as anks though... :)

  5. that is so lovely honey :D :D
    thanks for including the name am glad dear hahahaha and i wanted to add one line here but guess will laugh alone :D :D
    love you anks for all the useful tips you share with me and stay calm and composed honey ....

  6. You are most welcome Rashmi :)

    What tickled you? tell me na....

  7. Nice to see your makeup blog Anks..will be looking forward to your posts. Saw pics of you and Kuhu on've got a beautiful baby! She looks so cute dolled up in the winter clothing !!

  8. Shit, i never realised you were anks..infact i always hit on anks and never found any beauty link..i saw the other blogs though! this was a revelation :) you look a bit diff, so couldn't make out..kind of embarrassed now to be honest!

  9. ha ha.... the pic is a bit different na! All my pics are this way... so you shudn't be embarrassed at all... i just started this blog... the others have been around... :)

  10. :D I am looking forward to your posts now! love every bit of what you write anyway.. I think I read all your stories!!:D

  11. aww ikku... u just made my day... you read all of my stories??? *hugs*