Friday, May 27, 2011

Manicure Rant

I went in for a professional manicure 2 days back. It had been part of a package i took and manicure was left out. So I decided to treat myself on the way back from work. The manicure was all ok. Nothing great. Then, came the time to select a nail paint and I was really peeved! The shade selection was terrible!!! They had emerald green, cobalt blue, golden, fuchsia, true yellow and even orange! But not a single nude color... Now, I understand that they were bang on when it comes to trendy colours; but as professional manicurists, should they not offer neutral ones too? The kinds I can easily sport at work without worrying abt the attention they'll garner or the outfits they will clash with? The manicurist finally a shimmery light pink that I would not have picked out for myself. But it was the only halfway decent shade out there so I went with it. Here is how it looks...

The other issue i have with salons is that they stock cheap nail paints. Ok, I get that you need to have a lot of shades, I get that you need to manage costs and I get that nail paints are expensive. But can you not have a few options? For those who do not want to use these?I have found the perfect solution... the next time I get a manicure done, I am carrying my own nail paint :)

If this post makes you think I get manicures done all the time, you are wrong! I only go for manicures when my cuticles look horrendous and need some serious grooming. I don't take care of my hands at all and that is now beginning to show. Notice the tanning around knuckles? So, I have now taken to exfoliation whenever i remember it and slathering cream or moisturiser over them at least twice a day. I have also reduced the use of sanitiser because that was drying my hands. I used sanitiser a lot when Kuhu was born. Oh, I digress... what I wanted to tell you is my 15 minute home manicure ;)

  • Step 1: exfoliate with a body / facial scrub / loofah (not a bath lily mind you, a proper dried gourd loofah)
  • Step 2: slather some cream (hand or regular) and rub it till the cream is absorbed
  • Step 3: use the same cream to rub your nails and cuticles
  • Step 4: cut your nails and shape them (we are on time saving mode here, so no filing... just cut along the shape you want)
  • Step 5: apply nail paint or base / top coat for a shine
And that's it.... you are ready to roll...


  1. Hey I do the same!:D for my home manicure.. and I carry my own nail polish for a salon mani/pedi.. They dont have options and really unknown stuff I feel sometimes.. BTW, I also carry my own instruments for a salon mani/pedi cause they don't wash theirs and it causes a lot of infections.. I was so scared aftre seeing my mums friends hands (were sore with a rash FOREVER) after the manucurist used God knows what nail file.. :| I usually do mine at home.. but I get lazy and do this outside!:P Phew. Too much information!:P

  2. oh and you have such pretty dainty fingers! Look at mine and you'll know damage!:P

  3. btw you should wash your nails after using the cream as any oil left over from the cream massage may form a film and prevent the polish from going on smoothly. also for home manicures a good nail buffer is a god sent, it takes off the excess oil and smoothens the surface for polish that goes on like it was done by a pro

  4. Great blog!should we follow each other?

  5. I like getting professional manicures, but I always take my own nail polish colors with me :)


  6. @ ik... i didn't get pedicures done for the longest time for the fear of their instruments... unsanitised and used on everyone...

    @ ORD, thanks... i will remember to do that next time... i agree abt the buffer though and do it when i have a little more time....

    @ Dorota, welcome :)

    @Leia, hey Leia.... i am so happy to see u here... i learnt my lesson late, but from now on am always carrying my own nailpaints...