Sunday, January 29, 2012

Outfit Post: Travel during Pregnancy Part 1

Hi ladies, travelling during pregnancy can be a pain... More so when it is an international travel. Right? I went to a conference when I was pregnant. Let me take you back in time on that journey and tell you what I learnt on What Not To Wear when travelling during pregnancy.

Day1: Flight from India to KL
Maternity Outfit 1: Tunic & Tousers
Here is me at the Singapore stopover. Am wearing an empire waist red tunic from Pantaloon and black maternity pants from Mothercare. I wore nude flat soft sole sandals throughout the trip. What worked in this outfit is the empire cut that draws attention away from my bulge and was quite comfortable as I sat through the six hour flight. The material of the tunic is crepe though which is quite thin and did zilch to keep me warm in the freezing plane. I had the foresight to carry a warm stole that helped. The trousers were all right.
Learning: I felt a jersey top would have been a better choice. So the cut and the fabric has to be comfortable. A stole or a light shawl is a must.

Day 2: Beach Party

Maternity Outfit 2: Flowy Maxi Dress
Maternity Outfit 2: Flowy Maxi Dress with Statement Necklace
We had a day long conference on day 2 where I wore a Kurta with leggings (fortunately the dress code was business casual) but the highlight of the day was the beach party in the evening :) I wore a flowy maxi made of chiffon underneath a dark blue cami and a statement necklace in matching colours... We had to wear our id card at all times so the lanyard takes away the glory of my necklace here :(. I had a light foundation, kajal and nude lipstick on... I was confy in this outfit throughout the night and the dress did not emphasise my bump again. It allowed me enough freedom to walk around on the beach mingling with people and shake a leg or two when the music came on :) Oh and i had flip flops on my feet... c'mon its a beach party!
Learning: For the day event, I am glad I opted for my regular maternity attire of a loose Kurta and leggings.  It was no different than a normal day at work. Do not unnecessarily break out of your comfort zone. In the evening, well... if you are gonna be at a party, ensure that your clothes allow you enough movement for dancing and stuff... if you are in something figure hugging, you can end up looking quite awkward! Again, comfort is the key

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