Friday, July 1, 2011

Beauty Tip - Curling Eyelashes

You can use a hair dryer to heat your eyelash curler.  The warmth of the eyelash curler will help curl your lashes more efficiently :)

I read this on the net today and thought of blogging it. I will share more of these when I come across them


  1. hmmm.. gotta try this


  2. Nice one..I almost NEVER curl my eye lashes. Will try this :)

  3. Hey, nice tip but does hair dryer's heat affect lashes ?

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  5. @ Nelly, sure you must :)

    @ Ankita, you are blessed with such gorgeous lashes... do curl them for a killer effect!

    @ Anu, it is... did you try it?

    @ Vertu, no, think of it has using a hot iron... the heat will set them better.. thats all...

    @ Cami, thanks girl!

  6. I used to do this when I have to dress up for some special occasion ;)

  7. I love this tip! I have a "Heated eyelash curler" and using a hairdryer and my regular curler works soo much better than my expensive heated one I use in my kit...Thanks! Check out my new blog!*

  8. @ Rekha, cool.... :)

    @ Alisha, simple things are often more effective than complicated ones!